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I was literally born into the piano business.


My father, Charles Davison, purchased Nelson’s Music in downtown Hutchison, Kansas, and sold literally thousands of pianos before I took over the business in 1991 under the new name “Pianos Unlimited”. During my early years, I often accompanied my father to deliver pianos to clients all over the state, where I learned the difference that adding a unique personal touch makes for the buyer.


For many, buying a piano is not just a uniquely personal experience; it is also an emotional one, especially for players with a keen sense of discernment as it relates to sound projection and how responsive a piano action can be.


Since the inception of Pianos Unlimited, it has been my goal to help clients find the ideal piano, whether they be a beginning pianist, serious amateur, or professional level artist. We now have clients nationwide, ranging from the West to East Coasts, and in between, including numerous educational institutions such as Julliard, Curtis Institute, Drake University, and South Dakota University, just to name a few. We also have the finest piano rebuilding facility in the entire Midwest, specializing in custom, high precision rebuild of vintage pianos, where the end result are pianos that are even better than when the pianos originally came out of the factory.


I was recently contacted by an accomplished pianist and composer who was looking for a Steinway “B” semi-concert grand. His needs were very specific, and he was looking for a truly exceptional instrument. We just happened to have a 1975 Steinway B that we had just rebuilt that was a “needle in a haystack” piano. This piano had a powerful, projective voice that could hold its own in any concert venue, along with an incredibly responsive action. I shipped the piano to the pianist’s home so he could audition it, and a few hours after it arrived, I received an elated phone call that this piano was his dream instrument, the one he had been searching for his entire life.


It would be my pleasure to serve your piano needs.

A Personal Note from our Founder, Brad Davison:

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