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Pianos Unlimited is now the Official Yamaha Dealer of Kansas 

At the heart of Yamaha piano making lies an unwavering commitment to “creating Kando and enriching culture with technology and passion born of sound and music.” Even after more than 100 years of renowned piano production, this basic philosophy still holds true. That’s why Yamaha produces each and every component that goes into its pianos and why every aspect of that production is carried out with cuttingedge technology and unsurpassed craftsmanship under Yamaha’s own strict standards for quality control.


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The Legacy of the CFX continues - Preserving tradition is not the same thing as refusing to change; rather, it is from the ongoing search for perfection that traditions emerge. And when it comes to the tradition of crafting a grand piano, there is a sound, a tone to which only those who strive constantly to outdo themselves can aspire. For almost half a century, Yamaha's world-renowned C Series grand pianos have continued through a gradual process of refinement .The CFX full concert grand piano built on the knowledge, techniques, and experience gained during this long period, with craftsmen pouring everything they knew into the creation of an instrument that took bold new steps in piano design, seeking to attain sonic perfection. The CX Series extends this work further, providing a clear sound with a clean attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form. The end result is a series of instruments refined in tone, yet bold in design, and shows the dedication to innovation that allows Yamaha to remain true to its musical heritage. CX Series pianos represent progress commensurates with Yamaha's 125th anniversary year — progress that will transform any room in which you play into a concert hall.


Yamaha CX Series grand pianos - taking grand pianos to the next stage

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For more than a century Yamaha has been building grand pianos, continuously perfecting both skills and designs in their pursuit of musical excellence. During the nineteen years following the launch of the popular CFIIIS concert grand pianos, Yamaha combined traditional craftsmanship with high-tech engineering to reexamine literally every element of the piano, discovering how each detail affects the sound. Developed together with some of the greatest pianists the world has ever seen, the CF Series represents a pinnacle in the evolution of concert grand pianos.


Beauty and Power

The concept behind the series is “Beauty and Power.”
Beauty for its wide range of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle musical voices. In the hands of a good pianist, the CF Series pianos can “sing” with an expressiveness rarely heard. Power describes the incredible tonal presence. Not only when played fortissimo, but even soft delicate passages carry throughout the hall. The bass is amazing, and all registers can project over a full symphony orchestra regardless of a venue’s size.


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