Mint condition studio piano of the highest European quality with matching artist bench.

Mint condition baby grand recent trade in on a Steinway and half of a new piano.

Yamaha semi-concert grand in excellent condition and half price of a new piano. Artist bench, delivery, warranty and one free tuning included.

Remington Model: RG-150 (4’11) (made by Samick). Mint condition small grand at an affordable price.

Recent trade in that is in excellent condition. Made in the USA.  Ideal for school or church.

This older piano is in great condition and a Yamaha C2 new is $40,000.

Very nice Kawai grand at an affordable price. Recent trade in and excellent condition.

One owner only - super clean inside and out

Steinway Model “M” (5’7)

Yamaha grand made in Japan new in 2005 but hardly played with matching bench. $1000’s less than new.

Very nice Yamaha grand in beautiful walnut finish that could pass for new and made in Japan. No sun fading

Great Condition Boston Model: GP-163 (5’4) in Satin Walnut Finish from 2003

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This mint condition piano was a joint venture
between Pearl River and Yamaha.  Piano could pass for new.

Very nice affordable 5’9 grand in satin ebony. Price includes the bench, deliver, warranty and one free tuning.

Excellent condition (6’) grand at an affordable price and less than half of new.

Mint condition hardly played and $1000’s less than a new U1z

Excellent condition and half the price of a new C2!

Very nice 5’9 grand at affordable price with the ice cream cone legs for a distinctive look.

Mint condition Yamaha C3 half of a new price and could pass for new.  Includes an artist bench.

Baldwin Model: Console (44”) in Oak Finish - Mint condition

Mint condition Samick Model Console (43”)

New console on a close out price piano is made by Samick.

Steinway "D" 1926 vintage with total restoration including a new soundboard.  Very nice piano at 1/3 the price of a new Steinway D.

Kimball in pecan finish from 1979

New piano at a huge discount ideal for home or church for an affordable price.

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Mint condition Japanese made Professional upright piano.  Half of a new price.

Mint condition grand with the empire styling and hardly played includes the matching bench

This one owner is in amazing condition for a piano that is 30 years old and about a third of a new piano.

One owner studio in like new condition was hardly ever played.

Baldwin Acrosonic Console in Oak Finish

One owner Yamaha Console in light oak in great condition. Bench and delivery included with one free tuning.

New Young Chang console from a closed up dealer. Normal retail about $5900.  Mint condition.

New Pramberger home studio in beautiful cherry. French provincial at greatly reduced price.

Yamaha Model M500 Cherry Finish.

Ideal starter piano in a console in great shape for the age.

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